Common electrical problems

Common Electrical Issues in the Home

Older properties are susceptible to a range of electrical problems which can be repaired by Electricare Limited. Our team of experts, which include domestic and commercial electricians, are trained to identify any faults in electrical appliances, such as boilers and cookers, to central heating and lighting systems.
There are many common issues which can affect homeowners and businesses, however our clients can rely on us to carry out tests and maintenance work at any property, to renew their electrical certification.

Flickering Lights

If changing the light bulb or fuse in the switch doesn’t alleviate the problem, flickering lights could be due to a fault with the wiring or power connection. We recommend contacting Electricare who are NICEIC approved to investigate the issue, diagnose the problem and fix it safely.

Energy Consumption

You may notice a significant loss of energy which is reflected in the amount of electricity usage in your monthly or quarterly bills. We can measure this and offer energy saving advice with regards to heating, timers/controls including smart controls. We can also reduce lighting bills by up to 90% by upgrading to LED.

Hot Sockets and Switches

If you notice sockets or fixtures which feel hotter than usual, these should be unplugged and checked as soon as possible by electrical contractors. This can be the result of defective or worn contacts. Companies should have their power outlets inspected by a commercial electrician to keep any electrical certification up-to-date and maintain the safety of their employees.

Exposed wiring

Sockets and power outlets which are overloaded or have plugs with exposed wires are fire hazards, which will fail Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) required for an up-to-date electrical certification. Electrical contractors can offer advice and carry out any rewiring that needs to be done during renovations at your home or refurbishments in the workplace. An inspection also needs to be conducted if clients are moving property.

Power Loss and Faulty Circuit Breakers

Properties experiencing a loss of power or circuit breakers tripping should switch off the main power supply to the building immediately. This is strongly recommended to prevent any potential fire hazards that can spark from faulty grounding connections or overheated circuits. A commercial electrician or domestic electrician will safely search for faults and restore any damaged or deteriorated electrical components on your behalf.

Our Health and Safety Advice
  • We are an approved NICEIC electrical contractor
  • We arrange Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) for appliances and keep a record of test expiry dates
  • We keep electrical certification up-to-date and keep electronic backups for 6+ years
  • We conduct regular checks of electrical appliances, power outlet and light fixture

Need a domestic electrician or commercial electrician Call our electrical contractors today on 0808 2021909. We can issue your electrical certification.