Electric vehicle charging

If you require a electric vehicle charger, then go no further. Electricare is an approved installer for both government workplace charging scheme and electric vehicle Homecharge Scheme.
Providing a complete service to both domestic and commercial users.

Popular suppliers of electric chargers
We can install most if not all brands of electric charging points (although not all are eligible for the government grant). These include, Pod Point, Rolec and, Zappi, Tesla , Sync EV , Andersen EV and many more.

The application process
On your behalf we can put in an application to the DNO (distribution network operator) locally UK power networks and arrange any upgrade to the incoming supply if required.

For your help check out these websites
Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure
Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme approved chargepoint model list

Government grant Scheme
This is due to end for private domestic customers 31 st of march, however it will still be applicable to workplace chargers, flats, and rental properties. You must have a qualifying car, use a qualifying charging point, and use an approved installer in order to claim the

Equipment required
Electric chargers come in two basic types:

  • Untethered – which means it has a type 2 socket and you use a type 2 lead either
    purchased separately or sold with the car to connect.
  • Tethered – which has a permanently fixed lead with a type 2 plug for connecting to your car. The leads are usually 7.5 meters long.

Electric vehicle charging points can be used for both plug in hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

Our approach to the installation
Usual installation time is a day or less, but this is tailored specifically to each job. We will work with you to decide on where to place your charging point.

This decision is based on electric vehicle installation guidelines, the latest regulations, where your nearest power supply is and your off-street parking.

Before starting the EVCP (electric vehicle charging point) installation process, we will complete a survey to ensure your incoming supply and distribution equipment is safe and capable of safely dealing with the extra load.
We will then arrange a date to return to carry out installation of your charging station, which includes the testing and commissioning of the equipment providing a certificate on completion. We will also explain and demonstrate how to safely use the equipment.

Our fees
Our initial survey is £50+vat (within 10 miles of Tenterden), including the application to the relevant DNO.